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The Packing range includes Fortuna XA, Fluolion Filament Type L and Sextant. Fortuna XA is for use with high speed rotary pumps on boiler feed systems in the power generation, marine and petrochemical industries. Fluolion Filament Type L in valves, rotating equipment and reciprocating plants. Sextant is for use with marine stern glands, rubber posts and general service in hydraulic rams, valves, reciprocating pumps and accumulators. You can further refine your search by selecting one or more of the product attributes on the left hand side including size, material and application.

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12.5mm Fluolion Filament Type L Pump and Valve Packing

12.5mm Fluolion Filament Type L Pump and Valve Packing

Product Code: TPFFL125
Manufacturer Code: N/A
Despatch Within 3 Working Days
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