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Vikan Nito Clean

Vikan Nito Clean foam sprayers are used for cleaning in sanitary and small processing areas.

The Nito Clean water guns are suitable for both cold and hot water flushing and cleaning applications.

Vikan Nito Clean hoses are FDA approved and can be used for hot and cold water cleaning in industrial, kitchen and other types of cleaning applications.

The NiTo Clean suspension unit is available in PVC and stainless steel for one or two foam sprayers. The trolleys are available in stainless steel and painted steel.

The jet spray equipment is used for flushing after foam cleaning. All of the jet spray equipment can be used with the HV-93209 and HV-93219 combi water guns.

This range consist of a hygiene unit, inlet hose, 1/8 coupler and a 1/8 nipple. These products are suitable for industrial and kitchen cleaning.

The dilution units are used for accurate dosing of chemicals into buckets, cleaning vans and cleaning machinery.

The Nito Clean nozzles are used for foam sprayers, cleaning stations, dosing devices, injectors and chemical suction hoses.