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Vikan Cleaning Kits

Vikan Kitchen Cleaning Starter Kit is a one-box solution that provides you with every tool needed to clean in your commercial kitchens. All tools are designed to be long lasting, easy to maintain and deliver outstanding cleaning performance.

Vikan - Easy Shine Kit is Ergoclean which can be used for cleaning in a number of areas such as windows, mirrors and white boards, tiles, as well as many other high gloss surfaces.

Vikan Easy Hi-Dust Kit an ultra-microfibre dusting kit. The microfibre glove is superb for cleaning hand rails, glass mirrors, stainless steel and detail work, offering additional protection over a standard cloth.

Vikan Transport System Starter Pack provides you with all your essential vehicle cleaning tools, The Vikan Transport range meets your cleaning needs for all types of commercial vehicles, including: Tour Buses and Coaches, Commercial Trucks, Train Carriages and Aircrafts.