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TODO Dry-Break Couplings

Kiowa is one of the top TODO distributors in the UK. TODO is exceptionally proud of the TODO-MATIC range of DRYBREAK couplers. Trusted around the world to transfer highly valuable and aggressive products in the most testing conditions for loading and off-loading from road or rail, offshore rig supply, ship to shore transfer and more, TODO-MATIC sets the standard for the industry.

Kiowa Ltd is a leading UK distributor of the Emco Wheaton TODO-MATIC range of breakaway couplings in sizes from 1"" to 6"" and in a wide range of material options. Kiowa also supplies a UK service centre for repair and maintenance on all your TODO couplings.

One of the biggest causes of premature hose failure – and therefore maintenance costs and wasted time – is torque stress imparted onto the assembly hose by permitting free hose movement. The leading technology in the TODO swivel avoids this stress, allowing the hose to relax to its natural rest position, whilst permitting free movement of the hose.

The TODO aviation couplings’ unrivalled reliability and robust design mean that maintenance and replacement costs are lowered. Meanwhile, simple operation reduces human error and improves turnover time.

NGX Series – Next Generation Safety Break-Away. The NGX Series Break-Away is a new product from TODO and dramatically improves the performance of the first generation with a large reduction in pressure drop, overall length and weight, making it the market leader in performance Break-Away products.