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Roman Seliger SGA Hose Loading Arms

Roman Seliger SGA Hose Loading Arm

Hose lines are normally used for the loading of fluids and gases between a mobile unit and a stationary plant in order to flexibly reach various connection points. During loading, the heavy weight of the filled hose including the coupling often makes the handling more difficult and can result in premature wear and high physical stress. The hose loading arm ensures a safe, economical and, in particular, simple operation for the user.

Roman Seliger

The SGA hose loading arm is used wherever fluids (liquids and gases) need to be loaded by means of a hose line running between a stationary plant and a mobile unit.

It can be used in the following loading areas for top and bottom loading:

  • Loading tank wagons.
  • Loading tank trucks.
  • Loading containers.
  • Loading ships.
  • Loading aircraft.
  • Filling barrels.
  • IBC containers.
  • Roman Seliger


    • No bends in the hose line.
    • No load on the hose line.
    • No mechanical stress on the hose cover (abrasion).
    • It is not possible to drive over the hose line.
    • No swivel joints or ball joints, ie no dynamic seals.
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