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Prevention & Containment

Containers of oil or fuel cannot be stored outside unless they are correctly bunded in a secondary containment item (UK Oil Storage Regulations 2001). This means that if the container of oil leaks it will be contained within the bund. The Fosse Liquitrol range of spill pallets, drum handling products and bunds ensures that your business remains safe.

Secondary covered containment systems designed to collect drips, spills or leaks from oil and chemical drums. These prevent the spread of any spilt liquids across the workplace floor and ensure safe working.

Providing a flexible and mobile means for fuel, chemical and water spill containment. They are widely used as temporary covered bunds for mobile plant and machinery.

Drum handling and dispensing products designed to make the action and dispensation of liquids from drums around site as efficient and as safe as possible.

Secondary containment system designed to collect liquid drips, spills and leaks from intermediate bulk containers. Fully compliant with current UK Storage Regulations.

Storage cabinets for the safe storage of chemicals, paints, flammable and hazardous substances.

Designed to store, contain drips, spills and leaks from IBC's reducing the risk of contamination.

Portable bunds allow potentially polluting substances to be contained using temporary flexible and mobile applications without any escape of material from that area.