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Points for Pounds

Kiowa Loyalty Point Scheme

Loyalty Point Scheme Step 1

Apply to start saving with Kiowa Loyalty Points Rebate Scheme

Loyalty Point Scheme Step 2

Start earning points with every order you place online

* Invoices must be paid

Loyalty Point Scheme Step 3

Request your vouchers. Spend your Loyalty Points at on anything online.

Q. How do I register for the Loyalty Points Rebate Scheme?

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  • Register online at
  • Once your account is created, login to the website, click on the 'Loyalty Points' tab on the 'My Account' page. Enter the details and click 'Apply Now' an email will be sent to Kiowa Ltd informing us that you want to join our points for pounds scheme.
  • We will then create your loyalty points account.
  • Every online order from this point onwards will accrue loyalty points once invoice has been paid.

Q. How do I collect/accrue Loyalty Points?

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  • Order any product online
  • Each product will be assigned a points value per pound spent on it, this will be visible on the product page.
  • Some products will have Double or Triple Loyalty Points value's...look out for these on the product card.

In conjunction with our industry leading supply partners Kiowa Ltd will be offering special promotions for their products.

Q. How do I spend my Loyalty Points?

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  • Login to the website and click on the 'Loyalty Points' tab on the 'My Account' page.
  • Enter the value of the points you wish to redeem and click 'Redeem Points'...please bear in mind that vouchers are given to the nearest £5, any left over points will remain in your account.)
  • An email is sent to Kiowa Ltd stating the amount of points that you would like to redeem.
  • When the redemption has been processed and approved, a Redemption Voucher Code of the requested amount will be sent to you.
  • This redemption voucher can be spent on any product within our range online.
  • Redemption vouchers are valid for 6 months so spend them in this time!

Q. What's the catch?

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Just a couple of things for your information...

  • You will not receive change when spending your redemption vouchers.
  • Customers will accrue loyalty points on payment of invoice.
  • There is no restriction on what the redemption vouchers can be spent on, they can be spent on any product within our range.
  • If you leave the company where you have accrued the loyalty points or more departments within the same company, you will lose your loyalty points. Therefore make sure you spend any remaining points before you leave or move.
  • The redemption vouchers can be spent on online orders only.
  • You have to sign up to our Loyalty Rebate scheme to start earning loyalty points.
  • By signing up to our Loyalty Rebate Scheme you are agreeing to be included within our e-marketing campaigns and our newsletters so we can inform you of our promotions and special event days.

Q. Can I apply for the Loyalty Point Rebate scheme if I am an Existing Customer?

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Existing customers, who have already registered on our old website, will need to sign up to our LoyaltyRebate Scheme to start earning loyalty points.

Sign Up to Kiowa's Loyalty Points Scheme