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Pneumatics & Hydraulics

We are a Festo Premier Stockist Distributor in the UK, we offer the full range of Festo products which includes pneumatic Drivers, motors and controllers, sensors, fittings, cylinders, tubing, regulators, cylinders, valves, control technology, vacuum. We can also offer customers Festo Didactic training, P111 courses.

The Camozzi pneumatics range includes air preparation, fittings and silencers.

The fittings and gauges range includes Wade compression couplings, Legris function fittings, dry and liquid filled gauges, blow guns, spray guns and motor accessories.

The Gates hydraulic hose range is suitable for a wide range of hydraulic applications. Their hoses vary in weight, size, flexibility, temperature ratings, type of reinforcement layers, and working pressure,

The Gates hydraulic fittings range includes both Gates MegaCrimp fittings and Gates Global Spiral fittings.

The Range of self-assembly machinery from Gates covers everything from workshop to mobile operations and on-site field crimping. They run grease free, reducing maintenance costs, and keeping working environments cleaners.

This range includes hydraulic adaptors, pipe clamps, seals, hose protection and flanges.

EMB compression couplings are one of the leading brands and range from 6mm to 42mm.