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Kiowa News

Smoke Signals is our new content site, that has been setup to provide the latest industry news and articles from Kiowa. You will find all the latest about Kiowa, and anything we have been doing recently in partnership with our suppliers! Any exciting projects we have undertaken. And any news we feel our customers might like to know.

Company News

Latest company news, training and industry information from Kiowa

Kiowa News

Kiowa Go Social

For a number of years Kiowa have been getting involved in supporting local schools, events and national charities, however, many of our customers do not realise how much we actually get involved with, or what the social side of Kiowa looks like.

You may have been following us via our news site, Smoke Signals, but perhaps would like to keep up to date outside of work, interact with what Kiowa’s tribe is doing, find out what the company is up to, what training we offer, products we are promoting and the new innovations we are bringing on board. As such we are now available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Facebook PageFollow uson google +Follow us on Linked InTwitter.png

Each social networking platform offers similar information; however, you might already have an account with one of the above or have a preference as to which you use.

You can link back to us for networking purposes, like our products/stories on Facebook, see what we are Tweeting about and/or hang out with us on Google+. We will also add videos from time to time from our suppliers which can be a useful way of learning about products and their functionality.

In addition, you can just keep it simple and connect with us to keep up with what we are up to.

We hope you find these tools useful, but also get a unique insight into Kiowa and its people.