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Industrial Maintenance

Cleaning and washdown hose comes in a food quality grade and non-food qualtiy hoses.

Water discharge hoses can be very versatile, Kiowa hold and can supply a large range to cater for all your needs whether it’s being used for irrigation, gantry systems, hose reels, general discharge, chemicals, fertilizer distribution and much more.

Water suction hoses can range from light to heavy duty. These hoses are usually used for irrigation, slurry injection, slurry tankers, irrigation installations, seed drills, crop sprayers and submersible pumps, turf management, and as a bilge and sanitation.

Compressed air hose is used for pneumatic tools, pneumatic machine tools and general industrial application. The compressed air hose range can be used from general duties, small tools to extra heavy duty such as building sites, civil engineering projects and quarries.


Oil hose can be used suitable for low pressure hydraulic drives and oil return, handling light or heavy petroleum derivatives, chemicals and anti-freeze agents, oil charged compressed air, industrial alkaline, salt water and can be used for hydraulic systems and for farming equipment,.

Solvents, paints, lacquer & varnish can be used for pressure service lines for benzene, toluene, and xylene based paints, lacquer, varnish, and ester, ketone, and alcohol based paints and numerous chemicals.

Breathing air hose is a supply line for fresh air breathing masks and compressed air supply.