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Hose & Ducting

Kiowa holds a wide range of top qualtity industrial hose, we have the cleaning and washdown, water discharge, water suction, gas and welding, compressed air, hydraulic control, solvent, paint, lacquer and varnish and breathing and air breathing.

Kiowa can offer a large range of different spec vehicle hoses, please call the office with your specifications and we will find the correct hose for you. Kiowa also offer a bespoke hose design in EPDM, nitrile or neoprene.

The agriculture & food is a very large range covering cleaning, food industry transfer, farming and fisheries. Kiowa use top leading brands to ensure you are getting the best quality.

Chemical & petrochemical hose covers steam, oil & petroleum discharge, oil & petroleum suction & discharge, oil & petroleum/oil cargo, aviation oil, chemical & corrosive products transfer and composite hoses.

Construction & environment hoses covers drain & sewer cleaning, evacuation & material handling, bulk tank truck discharge, air line, blasting & guniting, spraying, concrete pump & placement and abrasive materials.

The hose range consists of both PVC and rubber hoses. We offer hose suitable for all applications in industries such as industrial maintenance, agriculture & food, checimical & petrochemical and construction & environment. The ducting range consists of PVC, polyurethane, PVC wire reinforced and high temperature ducting.

Our range of PVC, PTFE, polyurethane and nylon hose tubes can be used for a variety of industrial applications including chemical transfer, air and general purposes.

Our hose range consists of a large and small bore hoses, Kiowa can handle and swage hoses from 1/4" to 12" bore. Our PVC and rubber hoses come from leading manufacturers which can be used in a variety of different industries for many applications.