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Festo Valves

Festo Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves. Standard directional control valves
Universal directional control valves
Application-specific directional control valves.
Electric or pneumatic actuation.

Festo Mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves. Directional control valves with mechanical actuators such as stems, rollers, idle return rollers, swivel levers, whiskers etc.

Festo Shut-off valves
-Non-return valves
- Ball valves and shut-off valves
- Quick exhaust valves
- Logic valves

Festo Pressure control valves with screw-in thread
- Pressure regulators
- Differential pressure regulators.

Festo Flow control valves
- Time delay valves
- Flow control valves
- One-way flow control valves.

Festo Proportional valves.
- Proportional pressure regulators
- Proportional directional control valves.

Festo Electrically actuated process and media valves. Process and media valves
Directional control valves electrically actuated, piloted, pneumatic spring return

Festo Pneumatically and mechanically operated process and media valvesn are process and media valves
Butterfly valves
Angle seat valves
Ball valves
Proportional media valve.

Festo Pneumatic control systems. Adding counters
Predetermining counters

Festo Classic are product types for which modern alternatives now exist

Festo Accessories for valves. Manifold block / manifold strips
Solenoid coils
Mounting attachments
Actuator attachments
Valve-specific accessories.