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Festo Sensor boxes

Festo Sensor boxes SRBC comes in a measuring principle electromechanical or magnetic reed
Switching element function Toggle switch, single-pole (SPDT)
For DC and AC
Pre-fitted mounting bridge
Cable connector and blanking plug included in the scope of delivery.

Festo Sensor boxes SRBG is an inductive measurement principle with dual sensor
Switching component function N/O, in the case of AS-Interface selectable N/C - N/O
Operating voltage 6 ... 60 V DC
Direct mounting on quarter turn actuators to VDI/VDE 3845.

Festo Sensor boxes SRBE comes in a measuring principle: electromechanical or magnetic reed or inductive
Switching element function toggle switch, single-pin (SPDT) and double-pin (DPDT)
Switching outputs PNP, NPN, 2-wire, DC, NAMUR
For DC and AC voltage
Pre-fitted mounting bridge
Suitable for use in potentially explosive areas.

Festo Limit switch attachment SRAP. Analogue sensor box
For monitoring the position of quarter turn actuators
Output signal: 4 ... 20 mA.

Festo Limit switch attachment DAPZ are drive interface to Namur VDI/VDE 3845
Quick and easy assembly and connection
Integrated solenoid valve actuation
DAPZ-SB-I-... with AS-interface.