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Festo Pneumatics & Automation

Festo Pneumatic drives. Driving components, such as cylinders, linear drives and axes, as well as their attachments and accessories
Pneumatic drives are intended to convert pressure into motion; this process involves the transmission and transfer of forces.
Festo was the first manufacturer in Europe to create pneumatic cylinders; our first pneumatics range was created in 1956.

Festo Servo-pneumatic positioning systems are systems for positioning, with drives, axis controllers and their accessories.
Servopneumatics are most useful in situations that require compact solutions, where moving loads are more than 10 kg and positioning accuracy must be within the range of tenths of a millimetre.

Festo Electromechanical drives are Linear drives and slides
Semi-rotary drives and rotary modules.

Festo Motors and controllers. Servo and stepper motors
Motor and multi-axis controllers.

Festo Grippers is a whether for sturdy gripping in a machine tool or micro-gripping in electronics manufacturing, Festo's range of grippers covers a wide variety of applications.

Festo Handling systems. Pick and place, linear gantries and three-dimensional gantries: the fast route to a multi-axis system with standard handling components from the modular product range.

Festo Vacuum technology contains complete vacuum range consisting of simple vacuum generators, valves suitable for vacuum, vacuum switches and vacuum grippers and their accessories.

Festo Valves. Application-specific standard valves and universal valves. Manually and mechanically actuated valves, shut-off valves, flow-control valves, pressure-limiting valves and proportional valves.

Festo Valve terminals contains valve modules with electrical multi-pin, individual, or fieldbus connections or integrated control, with or without electrical inputs and outputs.

Festo Motion Terminal

Festo Sensors, signal converters, monitoring devices, and accessories.

Festo Image processing systems. If you want to optimise your processes, rule out sources of error or design fast motion sequences more clearly, whilst keeping an eye on product quality all the time, then take a look at our image processing portfolio. You will certainly find the right solution, from intelligent cameras to entire image processing systems - high performance, user-friendly and flexible.

Festo Compressed air preparation. Service unit combinations and individual units for compressed air preparation in two series: MS series and D series (in metal or polymer).

Festo Pneumatic fittings system. Pipes
Plug connectors
Branching modules
Protective conduit systems

Festo Electrical connector technology. Electrical lines
Attachable plug connectors
Connector cables
Distributors and adapters
Status displays.

Festo Control technology and software. Components for pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controllers
Electronic controllers
Electrical peripherals
Operator units

Festo Other pneumatic equipment. Air cushion plates
Air reservoirs
Air blast units.

Festo Process automation

Festo Ready-to-install solutions is a control cabinets
Mounting plates
Integration solutions.

Festo Function-specific systems.

Discontinued Festo Items, please contact our sales office for availability or so we can advise a suitable alternative.
Phone: 01529 416200