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Festo Pneumatic fittings system

Festo tubing for a wide range of working environments, including for the food industry, flame-retardant, PWIS-free or media-resistant designs.

Festo Fittings. Line connector (fitting) and line connecting components with push-in and barbed fitting connection.
Typical shapes of push-in fittings and connectors include straight, L, T, X and Y.
Also includes special accessories such as blanking plugs.

Festo Pipe are polyamide, wrought aluminium alloy, polyethylene
Outside diameter 6 ... 28 mm
Operating pressure -0.95 ... 30 bar
Ambient temperature -30 ... 75 °C
Operating medium
- Compressed air
- Vacuum
- Fluids

Festo Push-in fittings for PQ tubes comes in port sizes of G3/8, G1/2, G3/4, G1
Diameter 12, 15, 18, 22, 28 mm.

Festo Couplings are self-closing connectors (always in combination: plug and socket).

Festo Distributors contains complete control unit for separating workpieces during the feeding process.

Festo Protective conduit systems. Protective conduits and accessories for protective conduit systems.

Festo Accessories for pneumatic fittings system. Components for supply lines and line connectors with autonomous functions such as blanking plugs, double nipples, tubing cutters.