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Festo Image processing systems

Festo Vision sensors SBSC is a vision sensor with C-mount for lens
Code reader SBSC-B
- Reading 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes.
- Difficult to read, directly marked codes as well
Object sensor SBSC-Q
- Simple quality inspection
- 360° position tracking
- Fast, high-performance detection algorithms
Colour sensor SBSC-F
- High-performance object recognition with colour detection
- Increased stability as compared with grey-scale image
- Detection of self-luminating parts (e.g. colour LEDs)
Universal sensor SBSC-U
- All code reader, object sensor and colour sensor functions are available
- Inexpensive alternative to conventional image processing systems.

Festo Vision sensors SBSI are code reader SBSI-B
- Reads 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes.
- Also hard-to-read codes and direct part marking
Object sensor SBSI-Q
- Simple quality inspection
- 360° position tracking
- Quick and powerful recognition algorithms.

Festo Compact vision systems SBOx-M. Intelligent compact vision systems for diagnosis and monitoring of fast motion sequences.

Festo Compact vision systems SBOx-Q. Intelligent cameras for precision positioning of axes, type identification, position detection and 2-D quality testing of moving and stationary parts.

Festo Checkbox Compact CHB-C-N. Systems and components for optical type identification, position and quality inspection of small parts being fed into modern assembly and production machines.
Min. part length 1 mm.
Min. part diameter 0.5 mm.

Festo Accessories. External lighting
Mounting elements