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Couplings & Clamps

Kiowa has an extensive range of high qualtiy couplings consisting of hose tails, spigots, cam groove couplings, BAUER couplings, claw couplings, smooth tail couplings, fire couplings, foot valves and IBC couplings.

The Emco Wheaton TODO-MATIC range of dry-break couplings available in sizes from 1" to 6" and in a wide range of material options.

Kiowa Ltd are UK distributors for the Roman Seliger range of dry disconnect couplings, breakaway couplings, swivel couplings and the well known SGA hose loading arm.

Kiowa has an extensive range of high qualtiy quick release coupling range consist of PCL couplings, Snap-tite couplings, hydraulic couplings, water couplings, airline couplings and SST200 couplings.

Kiowa's holds a great range clips and clamps which includes hose clips, pinch clips, bolt clamps, Jubilee clips and Band-it Band.

Whipchecks are a safety cable used when hose, couplings or clamps fail or when separation occurs from on an assembly, this prevents damage to equipment and injuries to workers.