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Kiowa can supply a large range of hose tails and spigots for all types of applications such as water, air, gas and food. These also come in all types of materials to suit your needs including brass, stainless steel, steel, polypropylene, nylon and aluminium.

Cam & Groove couplings are general purpose quick connect suction and delivery couplings. Suitable for oil, water, fuel, chemicals and food products. They are available in; PP, stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

Kiowa proudly only sells genuine BAUER and not BAUER type couplings. BAUER couplings are general purpose galvanised steel suction and delivery couplings for use with water, sludge and other waste products. Stainless steel BAUER couplings are also available. BAUER offers a complete pipe-system, even for the most demanding of applications.

Claw couplings are quick release couplings with standard claw sizes allowing interchangeability between all sizes. Claw couplings are available in brass and malleable iron. 

Smooth tail couplings are suction and delivery couplings which are used with the corresponding safety clamps. The smooth tail fittings are available as threaded couplings and cam couplings.

Kiowa stock the following fire couplings and fittings; instantaneous couplings, standpipes, branchpipes and nozzles. 

Our range of galvanised steel foot valves are available in 2” to 8” complete a non return valve, and tin can strainers are available in 1” to 8”.  

IBC couplings and adaptors are all moulded from glass reinforced PP. They cover a wide range of IBC threads adapting them to be BSP standard couplings.