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Chemical & Petrochemical


Kiowa provides the very best quality steam hoses with a range of high and low working pressures. These can be used are petrochemical, building, shipyard and chemical industries. 

Oil & petroleum discharge hoses can be used for hose reels on road tankers metered delivery of household and automotive fuel, for reels on road tankers for LPG delivery, discharge at pressure of petroleum products.

Oil & petroleum suction & discharge hoses are ideal for road tanker equipment and petrol devices, loading and unloading of boats and road or rail tankers, unloading bays and fixed installation in various industries.

Oil & petroleum / oil cargo hoses can range from light to heavy duty. These hoses can transfer fuel oil and other petroleum based products in home delivery, commercial and industrial service. Transfer of refined fuels, oils and other petroleum products.

Aviation oil hose is an aircraft ground refuelling with kerosene or petroleum fuel, aromatic content = 50%. Fuel discharge under pressure.

Chemical & corrosive products transfer hoses can be used for discharge of virtually all corrosive chemicals, strong acids, high aromatic solvents and chlorinated or oxygenated solvents. It can be used for mobile or fixed installations in chemical works and associated industries.