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Blaklader Workwear 2019

The New forestry & garden workwear range 2018 is designed for gardeners, forestry workers, farming professionals and even Zoo keepers. The range are functional and comfortable and consist of t-shirts, Polo's. trousers, bib overalls, shirts, jackets, waterproofs and waistcoats tops. Blaklader have a range of UV protection tops to protect you when out in the subday all day.

Blaklader's industrial workwear is designed with durability, functionality and comfort in mind. Blaklader have an impressive range of craftsman trousers for all types of industries, full overalls, jackets, tops, jackets, hoodies and even shorts.

Chainsaw operation requires the highest-grade workwear for both comfort and safety. Blaklader’s Saw Protection workwear is a protective and high-visibility clothing range which are Cordura reinforced and have six layers of saw protection on both trousers and chaps. The matching jacket is made of durable beaver nylon to coordinate with both trouser styles and is certified to EN ISO 20471 high visibility protective clothing.

Blaklader's is equipped with hidden cuffs in the sleeves, spacious pockets, fleece linings and zips all the way up the collar. Blaklader’s waterproof workwear have different levels to your individual needs and practically such as being able to take trouser off without removing boot. The range is jackets, trousers, chaps, hats, overalls.

Blaklader's High Visibility Workwear is for people who work by roadsides and other high traffic areas where you need to be extra visible. The new range of stretch fit make is easier for flexibility and movement. The range consists of trousers, tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, waistcoats, jackets and overalls.

Multinorm range is catered for workers who are in tough environments and handle risky conditions every day. Multinorm meets European standards for visibility, flame protection, welding, electric arcs and static electricity,

Plasterers and painters need functional and durable work clothes. Blaklader have created special clothing for these specially developed features like ruler pockets, pocket for filler tools, and brushes. Double layer cotton on thighs if you like to wipe paint of your legs. The consists of trousers, shorts, tops, shirts, t-shirts, overalls and jackets.

Blaklader’s women range, is specially designed to fit ladies have narrower waist but also making the workwear hard wearing and being stylish and warm. The ranges include jackets, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, hi-vis ladies workwear.

Blaklader's NEW Winter & Waterproof workwear range is designed & tested for the kind of days when you'd rather stay in bed. Workwear for wind, rain and snow should have hidden cuffs in the sleeves and legs, spacious and easily accessible outer pockets, warm fleece linings, drawstrings for adjustable waists and zips all the way up to the collar.

Blaklader’s safety footwear designed are constantly being improved and updated to ensure better grip on sole, protection on the heel and arch to improve stability and support on ankles. The collections now available are boots, shoes, sandals, wide fitting, winter boots.

Blaklader Gloves provide the best protection while working having padding, support and wearing surfaces in all the right places. Blaklader do gloves for all workers from mechanics, craftsman’s, hi-vis, waterproof, fingerless gloves, winter gloves.

Get the most out of your Blaklader workwear by matching them with suitable accessories. Such as multiple range of different belts and colours, braces, knee protectors, caps and nail pockets.