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Being Ready

Allows disinfectant to be dispersed onto the tyres of vehicles to aid biosecurity in dairies, farms, poultry sheds, food factories, horticulture units as well as zoos, stables and agricultural shows. Pedestrian and HGV mats are also available.

Provide instant security against the polluting of controlled waters. Operated manually or triggered by means of automatic sensors closure systems isolate part or the whole of a site ensuring the retention of spillages or fire-fighting run-off on site.

Prevents debris and liquid spills entering into the drainage systems and contaminating the sewer system or controlled waters.

To enable an emergency repair to damaged pipes and leaking drums.

Specialised mats for the construction, clean room, food and drink, agricultural and meat producing industries.

Designed to contain and clean up spillages and limit environmental damage. Allows you to effectively respond to any oil, chemical or general liquid spills. Range of carry bags, wheelie bins and lockers with different capacities capable of dealing with a spill under a worst case scenario.

It is extremely important for boat owners to implement clean and safe boating practices when filling a fuel tank. Any splashes or spills may go directly into the water and impact on the environment.

Informative signage to help to protect the health and safety of employees and ensure good working practices and a range of mobile display units for multiple applications.

Those accessories you need to ensure that after you have had a spill control the waste is correctly handled and your kits are replenished. Items such as hazardous waste bags, barrier tapes, and safety ties.