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Macnaught R100T Air Operated Oil Ratio Pump 1.1 Complete With Suction Tube

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The R100 is an air powered 1:1 ratio transfer pump that can be supplied as a stub version (R100S) for integration into a system or with suction tube (R100T) for use with 205 litre (55 US gal) drums. A transfer system, model R100THG, is available which includes a pump, 900mm (3ft) suction tube, 3m (10ft) of reinforced delivery hose and a trigger type delivery nozzle (gun).

Additional Information

1:1 Ratio Pump. Complete oil transfer system. 900mm Suction tube – ideally suited to 205 litre (55 US Gal) drums. 50mm (2") Adjustable bung adaptor. Air inlet 6mm (1/4”) BSP (F). Oil inlet (stub pump only) 1" bsp (f). For the bare pump versions order R100T (Drum) or R100S (Stub). All models include an airline oil lubricator.


Delivers up to 60 litres (16 us gal) per minute. 3m (10ft) Reinforced delivery hose and trigger action nozzle.


Suitable for use with oils to SAE 140, diesel fuel, ethylene glycol (anti-freeze/anti-boil) and kerosene.