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Macnaught GP Rapid-Flo Rotary Fuel Pump - 100 litres per min

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An impeller type rotary pump, the GP Rapid-Flo out-performs most powered fuel pumps. Designed for 205 litre (55 US gal) or 60 litre (16 US gal) drums this pump is ideal for farm transport and earthmoving vehicles, indeed for any fuel transfer operation you may have. Pumps diesel, petrol, kerosene and lubricating oils up to SAE 30. Ideal for high volume aviation transfer fuel.

Additional Information

Pumps easily in both directions. 2.4m (8ft) antistatic rubber delivery hose and metal nozzle. Lockable handle and built in nozzle holder. 1050mm (3.5ft) two piece threaded suction tube. In-built strainer. 25mm (1") outlet port. 50mm (2") adjustable bung adaptor.


A durable high quality pump for fast transfer of diesel, petrol, AV gas, ethylene glycol (anti-freeze / anti-boil) kerosene and light (SAE 30) lubricating oils. The GP Rapid-Flo smoothly pumps up to 100 litres (26 US gal) per minute. Approximately 1 litre (1 qrt) per rotation.