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100mm PERFORMER GL AD10H Material Handling Hose 10 Bar

List Price
Volume discounts:
  • Despatch Within 10 Working Days



Inner tube: wear resistant NR, black, smooth. Reinforcement: synthetic textile with embedded steel helix. Cover: weather resistant EPDM, black, corrugated, fabric impression.

Additional Information

Electrical properties: conductive tube, R < 2.106 ?/m (helix must be connected with couplings). Note: low stretch under 10 bar working pressure: ID ? 150 mm = 1 % max, ID > 150 mm = 2 % max. Lengths are stocked in 20 or 12 m, consult us for longer lengths. Couplings/fittings: fitted with BLOC-END® ID ? 150 mm: WP = 10 bar, ID > 150 mm: WP = 5 bar.


Excellent resistance to abrasion. Can be supplied cut to length for on-site coupling. Quick and easy installation. Light weight and low bending radius. Low installation cost. Electrical conductivity ensured by the helix. Suppression of pressure surges. Reduction in pressure head loss. Damping of vibrations and noise. Excellent weather resistance.


Hydraulic suction or discharge of abrasive materials.

Temperature Range

-30°C to +70°C