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63mm Trellvin Suction and Delivery Hose 10 Bar

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Inner tube: food grade NBR, white, smooth. Reinforcement: synthetic textile with embedded composite helix. Cover: weather resistant EPDM, wine-coloured, fabric impression.

About the Range

A smooth, seamless, white, multi purpose food-grade tube that does not propagate bacterial growth. Odourless and tasteless tube. Collapsible, will recover its shape after accidental squeeze.

Additional Information

Standard / Approval: Food grade approval from the French Institute of Poitiers (IANESCO). Directives of the American Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA). Couplings / Fittings: specially designed fittings are available, please contact us for further information.


Flexible and easy to handle. Excellent resistance to kinking. Changes in temperature have little effect due to the qualities of the rubber compound. Resistant to cleaning with detergents at temperatures up to +130°C (during several minutes). Non-marking, abrasion-resistant cover.


Suction and discharge of wine, beer and other liquid foodstuffs such as milk, oil, fats, cider, fruit juice and alcohol up to 50%. Specifically designed for tank transfer in wineries, unloading bays, and for liquid foodstuff tankers.

Temperature Range

-30°C to +100°C

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