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25mm Minal CL RED Brewers Suction and Delivery Hose 10 Bar

List Price
Volume discounts:

A food grade brewery hose specifically designed for the suction, delivery and transfer of beer, ales, vintage wines and alcohols at 96%.

Technical Description

Inner Tube: White smooth, food quality, taste free and odourless IIR rubber.  Contains no phalates.

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord plus steel helix wire.

Cover:  Red, corrugated, trans lucid thermoplastic material with low friction coefficient, weathering resistant.

Standard  /Approval        

  • FDA tit.21 art. 177.2600 aqueous foods
  • BfR XX1 cat.2 for foods
  • D.M 21/03/73 aqueous foods and alcohols to 96ºC  
  • CE 1935/04 and CE 2023/06


  • Hard wall corrugated hose.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Low friction thermoplastic cover.
  • Resistant to cleaning with detergents at temperatures up to +130ºC (during several minutes)