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152mm Jamaica L Yellow Layflat

List Price
Volume discounts:
  • Despatch Within 5 Working Days



Jamaica L Layflat Hose has a smooth and seamless black inner surface, particularly resistant to elongation, smooth cover. Very high adhesion between inner and outer layers. Highly resistant to abrasion and ageing.

Additional Information

This Layflat Hose is manufactured in light blue for Europe and in yellow for the UK on standard sizes. Please note that 127mm and 204mm are only available in light blue.


Using advanced technology this Layflat Hose provides the benefit of high performance with lightness. It is easy to store, handle and transport. Volume discounts are available for this layflat hose.


Flexible hose for the delivery of liquids under pressure. Agricultural irrigation, construction and shipbuilding industries, mining and industry in general. Particularly suitable for water supply to ships, tankers and sludge tankers.

Temperature Range

-10°C to +60°C